Top 3 Attractions to Take a Breather at Magic Kingdom

A full day in the Disney parks can be completely exhausting. There is always so much to experience, and so little time to get it all in. Especially if you’re on vacation and tried your best to plan ahead, time is priceless, so it’s hard to just stop and take a break. How can you take a break to catch your breath without wasting time or missing out on anything?

For moments like these when you need a break, but don’t want to stop, we have put together our list of top 3 attractions to take a breather. These are attractions that have short wait times, allow you to just sit and relax for a decent amount of time, and are widely considered to be very entertaining and iconic. For this post, we are going to focus specifically on Magic Kingdom, and these attractions are in no particular order.

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress made its debut at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York City. Following the World’s Fair, it was moved to Disneyland where it remained for several years prior to being moved to its current location in Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in 1975.

While the attraction has been updated several times since its debut, the original focus on progress has remained constant.

Park guests looking for an opportunity to relax while enjoying an entertaining attraction can settle into a comfortable seat in this attraction’s rotating theater and enjoy the 21 minute show. Carousel of Progress takes guests on a journey of progress throughout the 20th century in America.

From the turn of the century to the 1980s, Carousel of Progress reminds guests of just how much more convenient modern technology really is, and leaves us all wondering what the next century has in store as progress continues to be made in technology constantly.

Younger guests can see a small sample of what life may have been like for their parents, grandparents, and possibly even great-grandparents. Elder guests may get to enjoy a few flashbacks to an earlier period in their life while enjoying this attraction.

A fun fact about this attraction is that it is the only attraction at Walt Disney World that Walt Disney himself got to experience and helped create. This attraction has a little extra sentimental value to those of us who have a great appreciation for Disney history.

Hall of Presidents

The Hall of Presidents is one of Magic Kingdom’s original attractions from when the park opened on October 1st, 1971. Found in Liberty Square, the building this attraction is in resembles Philadelphia’s Independence Hall.

While waiting for the show to begin, guests can enjoy a wonderful collection of Presidential artifacts. The Presidential Seal of the United States is on display here, as well. Did you know the Hall of Presidents is the only location in which the Presidential Seal may be used outside of the White House? An act of Congress was required to allow this special exception to be made for Walt Disney World.

Upon entering the huge theater, guests can enjoy a comfortable seat in the air conditioning while they relax for the duration of this 25 minute show.

A film begins this attraction by taking guests through a fascinating story of the history of the United States. Following the film, a curtain is raised to unveil a stage full of animatronic figures of all of the United States Presidents, highlighted by a speech given by audio-animatronics of Abraham Lincoln and the current President of the United States, which is updated every time a new President is elected.

The attraction is an excellent, educational way to take a breather during your day in Magic Kingdom.

Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

The TTA PeopleMover opened in Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland on July 1st, 1975. This attraction gives guests an amazing view of Magic Kingdom from above ground level. While the majority of this attraction is outdoors, the 10 minute ride allows guests to take a breather from walking and enjoy a refreshing breeze, along with the views of the park.

Wait times tend to be fairly short oftentimes for this attraction, because it continuously loads and unloads guests. Lines tend to move quickly, which allows this attraction to be a great option for a much-needed break while in Tomorrowland.

The track for this attraction passes through the buildings that house some of the other Tomorrowland attractions, so guests can see those attractions from a unique view.

Part of this attraction’s track also passes by a portion of the model of Walt Disney’s original vision for Epcot.

Along your journey you can enjoy stunning views of Cinderella Castle, and, if you time it right, the “Happily Ever After” fireworks spectacular.

There are other good options in Magic Kingdom for attractions to enjoy while you take a breather, but these are our top 3 picks. For those of you who are wondering why Jungle Cruise isn’t in our top 3, it’s because the wait times tend to be quite long for that attraction. If you are looking to take a breather, then waiting in a stand-by line for an hour isn’t exactly ideal. Mickey’s PhilharMagic and Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor are both good options, as well, but both attractions tend to be less popular than the attractions we chose for our top 3.

We would like to include Country Bear Jamboree and Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room as honorable mentions, as well. Both attractions are great options for fun ways to take a breather, but not all park guests fully appreciate these Disney classic attractions.

What do you think of our list of top 3 attractions to take a breather in Magic Kingdom? Do you agree with our picks? Which attractions are in your top 3?

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XOXO, Halie and Danny

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