Photo Worthy Walls at WDW

If you’re a fan of the Walt Disney World theme parks, you are most likely already familiar with the various walls that have that have provided the background to countless pictures on social media in recent years. These pictures have been hard to miss, as they have become increasingly popular, especially on Instagram.

While we know there are other walls and other locations that have become popular on social media, we have put together a list of our favorites in each of the parks, and will fill you in on where you can find them, if you don’t already know. Here is our list of favorite WDW walls:

  • Starting in Magic Kingdom, you can find The Purple Wall/Galactic Purple Wall. This was one of our first stops in Magic Kingdom as we prepared to launch Dream Chasing in the Mouse House. We just couldn’t have a Disney blog/Instagram without pictures at the Purple Wall. As you enter Tomorrowland, take a right immediately when you cross the bridge from the hub area in front of the castle, and head toward Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant. This wall will be impossible to miss. We had a blast taking pictures at the Purple Wall, and some of our favorite pictures of us were taken there. Some really great memories were created there.
  • Heading over to Epcot, you can find The Bubble Gum Wall as you pass by Spaceship Earth. Since this wall is located so close to the entrance of the park, this is a fun spot to stop and take some pictures to get your day in Epcot started.
  • Next on this journey of the WDW walls is Hollywood Studios. In Toy Story Land, you can find The Popsicle Wall. If you are riding Toy Story Mania, you will find this wall immediately after you exit the ride. If you aren’t riding Toy Story Mania, but want to find this wall, just follow the path at the exit of the ride. The first time I saw this wall, I was exiting Toy Story Mania right as the park was closing. It was dark in that area, and I passed right by the wall without even realizing I had missed it, so I had to go back to see it.
  • Moving along to Animal Kingdom, in Pandora: The World of Avatar, you will find The Moss Wall across from the entrance to Satu’li Canteen. This is a great spot to take pictures, not just in front of the wall, but of all of the amazing scenery in Pandora. There are so many incredible views to check out in Pandora!! Since the new Lion King movie just came out not too long ago, we also need to include The Lion King Wall, which is also located in Animal Kingdom. This wall is located just outside of Rafiki’s Planet Watch, right next to Harambe Market.

There are several other popular walls and other locations for pictures that are frequented by Instagrammers throughout the parks, but these are our favorites so far. Fun, new locations keep popping up all the time in the parks, and we’re excited to see what the next popular location will be.

Do you enjoy looking for these walls and other similar locations when you visit the parks? Do you have a favorite that you have visited? Is your favorite wall not included in our list? Let us know in the comments, and we hope to see you in the parks soon!!

XOXO, Halie and Danny

One thought on “Photo Worthy Walls at WDW

  1. I’ve never had Instagram (but I did have Facebook for awhile) but honestly I don’t think I have ever thought to take a picture with a wall as the background at Disney. I have heard of it, for sure, but still have never done it really.

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