5 Often Overlooked Details in Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom is a truly incredible place with so many cool things to do and see. It’s easy to get caught up in the magic and find yourself in awe of everything around you, as you explore the park. While we could go on for quite a while discussing all of the awesome details about the park, we have decided to narrow it down a bit and focus on five things that are oftentimes overlooked, especially by park guests who aren’t die-hard WDW fans.

  1. Magic Kingdom is built on the “2nd floor”. As you walk up to the main entrance of Magic Kingdom, you will notice that you are gradually walking uphill. Beneath the park (at ground level), there is a series of tunnels, called “Utilidors”, that allow cast members to quickly and easily move from one area of the park to another without being visible to the park guests. Many of the day-to-day operations of the park are taken care of beneath the park, completely out of sight and out of mind from the tens of thousands of people who visit the park each day.
  2. The “other” partners statue. Upon entering the park, in Town Square, you can find a statue of Roy Disney and Minnie Mouse sitting on a park bench. After Walt Disney passed away in 1966, his brother and business partner, Roy, put off his planned retirement and took over “The Florida Project”, which became Walt Disney World. When Magic Kingdom was completed, Roy declared that Disney World would be officially named Walt Disney World, as a way of honoring his brother. Although Walt unfortunately never got to see his vision for The Florida Project become a reality, Roy was present for the official dedication of Magic Kingdom after the park opened. Many people consider Magic Kingdom to be Roy’s park, since he oversaw the construction of the park to make Walt’s dream become a reality.
  3. Also in Town Square, you will find Harmony Barber Shop. Since it is a bit hidden in a corner, many guests may pass by the barber shop without noticing it. Even if they do notice it, even more guests may not realize that this is actually a real barber shop. Guests of all ages are able to get their hair cut while they’re visiting Magic Kingdom. Advance reservations are recommended, but a limited number of walk-up customers will be accepted, based on availability. How cool is it that a little kid could get their first haircut in Magic Kingdom?! We think that is pretty awesome!!
  4. As you walk along Main Street USA, you will notice that the windows have names on them. While this does add a little something extra to the look of Main Street, these names are actually those of people who played a major role in creating Magic Kingdom. Next time you walk down Main Street USA, take your time and pay a little more attention to these names. A few of them may be familiar to you.
  5. Another cool detail you will notice along Main Street USA is that there are several mail boxes. These mail boxes not only add more detail to the theming, but they are actual U.S. Postal Service mail boxes. You can actually mail letters and post cards to friends and family from inside the park. Just think how cool it would be to receive a letter or post card in the mail that was sent from Magic Kingdom.

As we said before, we could go on and on for a while pointing out all of the fun details that make Magic Kingdom extra special, but we wanted to narrow this list down a bit. We hope you find these details interesting and take a little extra time to enjoy them next time you’re in the park.

Did you know about these details before reading this post? Which one do you find the most interesting? Let us know in the comments.

XOXO, Halie and Danny

3 thoughts on “5 Often Overlooked Details in Magic Kingdom

  1. I did not know about #2, I’ll have to keep an eye out for it next time! For #5, do you know if the mail gets a special Disney postmark or just a regular one?

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    • The park bench with the statue is moved around sometimes, depending on what is going on in the park. It is sometimes placed near the flagpole, which is where Roy Disney stood to give his speech during the Magic Kingdom dedication ceremony. Other times, it is located on the west side of Town Square, in front of the restrooms next to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. As far as the mail boxes, I have sent a letter from there before, but have never received anything that was mailed from inside the park. I am fairly certain it does get a special Disney postmark, but I’m 100% sure off the top of my head.


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